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New class: Fight to-for-over the gun

I would cringe every time I arrived at a law enforcement weapon retention class. I knew many officers didn’t take training seriously which meant they didn't own or bring a training belt. Obviously I saw damaged holsters but I knew there was plenty of damage I couldn't see. The stress from the twisting and torquing would create internal damage. These officers would leave and then go to work with damaged gear which was unacceptable. So fast forward to 2021 when I decided to create my own class. I was going to supply my students with gear, a duty belt, holster, and training gun. I reached out to many friends and former co-workers who willingly donated their used Safariland holsters. Then a special person reached out to me, Ed Niziolek. This man is Pro-Law Enforcement and passionate about helping cops. Long story short, Ed purchased the duty belts (inner and outer belts with keepers) radio pouches to offset the holster and training guns for an 18 person class. Thanks to Ed’s generous donation we’ll be offering this class soon!

In addition to, in holster and out of holster weapon retention, we’ll be working on and having discussions about taking guns off Bad Guys.

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