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One reason combative sports trump DT systems

“Try, fail, get feedback, and try again is how we build mental representation” Anders Ericsson

Arguably most DT Systems deal with the resistive subject and don’t fair well for the combative/assaultive subject. Most people don’t really know the difference between mild resistance and assaultive behavior though and think a “system” should work just fine.

Multiple people have told me they’ve learned the “X” technique and it didn’t work on the street. When I questioned if they actually hit the “X” technique in sparring they state they don’t spar because that's “sport” and it might get them “killed in the streets”. Now let’s use a bit of logic here. You learned a technique but never hit it on a resistive opponent and think you’ll just hit it on the street?

Let’s look at the mental representation and the average DT System. You “try” a technique and maybe even “fail” but what kind of feedback are you getting? Is it just from your partner? Is your partner an expert? If not, who is giving you the feedback? Is your instructor an expert? What kind of mental representation are you being given?

Let’s look at the combative sports model where sparring occurs. You “try” and “fail” at a technique. Your partner and even though he’s not an expert will tell you why you failed. You “try again” and “again” and “again” and “again” all while getting feedback. You’re building mental representation. Finally after months of training you’re able to hit “X” technique on a resistive opponent who knows what you're trying to do.

Now the biggest difference is mental representation and reps! So what’s really going to get you “killed in the streets”? It sure isn’t going to be combative sports.

Stop making excuses! Get out of your comfort zone and go train on your own time/dime.

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