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Team Control and Arrest Tactics

Are you trying to build an effective Defensive Tactics program? Consider starting with team control and arrest tactics.

Most DT systems focus on solo officer techniques which most officers never use. Those same officers do not see value in training techniques that are rarely used and more importantly rarely trained. Additionally, most arrests involve at least two officers. Since team tactics are not trained, it typically leads to an unorganized polyester pile on. With more emphasis on tool usage and less emphasis on tactics and physical skills, we are seeing horribly tragic incidents which become life altering.

Need video proof?

Cypress, TX OIS

Atlanta, GA OIS

Almost every aspect of Law Enforcement focuses on preparing for the worst case scenario. Policies and procedures are created to mitigate the damage. Why is it that we use team tactics for every other aspect of law enforcement, from felony stops, to building searches and room clearing, to high risk call outs, and even counting the money in a prisoner’s property, but we do not use a team tactic to arrest suspects?

What happens to morale after a bad use of force? What about confidence in the DT program? Confidence in the tool(s)? Confidence in your partner, shift mates or co-workers?

Would you like to change all that? Want to add confidence in your officers? Increase morale? Lessen the risk of injuries to officers and suspects? Decrease tool usage? Add team tactics into your DT program and get everyone on the same page.

“Teamwork can increase safety, improve effectiveness, strengthen communication, boost morale, and make a police department more successful. A well-functioning team has synergy; the group members work together and off each other, improving each other's ideas and actions.”

L.L. Bergner - Law Enforcement Trainer

Let me lay out a simple training plan. Dedicating the training time to get the initial training completed, whether one department training day or several department training days, it will be worth it in the long run. Do your officers carry a Taser? At the end of Taser training, try to reinforce team tactics. Do your officers carry a baton and or OC? At the end of baton and or OC training reinforce team tactics. After a tool’s deployment, an officer(s) still needs to get within body contact to handcuff the suspect. So after training each tool, add in a refresher of the team tactics. Then use the department email system to disseminate training videos which reinforce team control and arrest tactics.

Don’t know where to look? Want a proven tactic from a company that is considered a preferred provider by the Intergovernmental Risk Management Agency (IRMA)? We’ve been hosted all over Chicagoland and the collar counties and have trained individual officers to entire police departments. Visit for more information or contact us by email at

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